This house is designed for a large family of seven, with the provision that allows it to be split into two houses (ground and first floor) in the future, in case of change of stewardship, thus allowing it to be used by 2 small families or couples.

The proposed location lies between the present road leading to the community and the internal access path of the community, thus limiting the possibility of development to a long narrow stretch.

The floor plan therefore arranges itself linearly, oriented to the most favorable wind direction, (18 degrees East of South) and maintains an inner span of 4.5M, with a covered verandah on the southern length. Thus all the living spaces get maximum exposure to the cool summer winds.

The functions are arranged such that minimum space is wasted in circulation. The kitchen living and dining area on the ground floor is arranged as an open plan which comfortably accommodates the common activities of this family of seven as a whole. For the sake of privacy the master bedroom is allotted the far end of the length, separated from the living area by the master bathroom which can also be accessed by other users on the ground floor. All the kids’ needs are arranged on the first floor to demarcate a clear separation. Bedrooms are provided such that there is a bigger one for the 3 girls and a smaller one for the 2 boys. Internal separations will be made with movable modular furniture to provide each child a sense of their own space within the bedroom. The staircase is placed such that it can be easily modified to later provide an independent access to the first floor from the outside for the reason explained earlier. The same wall plans have been followed on the ground and first floor facilitating future splitting of the house into two.

The house will be powered by a solar system installed on the roof, and will have it’s independent waste water treatment system. A study will be made to reuse the treated waste water for flushing purposes – and if it proves reasonable this aspect will be implemented. Storm water drainage will be provided for through earth works.