ZEN HOUSE , Repos Beach, Auroville.

The users of this studio are teachers of well being arts: Nia / Kung Fu / Tai Chi / Pilates. They needed a double occupancy living unit, built at a low budget and a short time frame; containing all functional requirements in one space. Simplicity and precision maintained in the form, the lines, the construction technique, helped in meeting the prerequisite with a contemporary architectural expression.The studio was raised on stilts to enhance air flow and prevent humidity. Prefab RCC beams were used to support a natural stone floor and helped in attaining time and cost efficiency. A new light roofing technique was successfully experimented with – sandwiching 1” thick sheets of Styrofoam for heat insulation, between a false ceiling of fiber board below and thin sheets of aluminum above for waterproofing and heat reflection.


Construction Time   6 months                                                                                                 Total built up area   55 m²                                                                                 Year of Completion  2009