MaLa HOUSE, near Auroville.

The house presents a passive front face while exclusively opening up to the garden and pool on the rearward side. Large openings have mesh panels that slide open. Wind flows over water surfaces, generating evaporative cooling in the hot summer months of coastal south India.

The lower level comprises of a large double height living space, a guest bedroom with a private verandah, an office and the kitchen. The upper level includes  the master bedroom and daughter’s room with balconies overlooking the tree canopy.

The generous interior living space has a discreet fireplace flushed against the north wall and a cuisine- cum- bar counter at the other end that is used during social occasions.

Supple tones used for finishes of floors, walls and bathrooms, bring about a smooth flow of movement within.

All bathrooms display custom designed and fabricated wash counters

The Client, formerly active in the French movie industry, is an enthusiastic collector of Indian antiquities and wanted several of them integrated within her house. A 70 year old timber roof structure with carved rafters was brought from Kerala and re-assembled to serve as the exterior lounge.


Construction Time   24 months                                                                                           Total built up area   520 m²                                                                                   Year of Completion   2010