FARM UNITS Accomodation for volunteers, Mathur, Tamil Nadu.

This project was also commssioned by Arul Ashram. They frequently receive volunteers from different countries, who come in large groups, to help with the patients and children. They needed a simple facility to accomodate these groups for periods ranging from 1 to 3 months.

10 units in 2 clusters were conceived which would be able to house from 3 to 5 individuals each, with shared bathroom, toilet and laundry facilities, altogether for 30 people.

The Units have been playfully composed , with open verandahs enclosing each unit, creating vibrant spaces for young volunteers to hang out in their leisure time. This allows a close contact with the outer environment - open coconut fields. The verandahs also shade the enclosure of the units and protect it from windy rains.

Construction Time   9 months                                                                                              Total built up area  350 m²                                                                                     Year of Completion 2009